Seriously, I get back from from my anniversary with Alex (woo! not meaning to mock those with a poor understanding of "correlation vs cause" but before the weekend I was on crutches and now I'm not! So yeah, if homeopathy can get NHS funding then Alex should be able to make a mint) and it seems that past-Geof basically spent most of his time plotting against future-Geof. Asshole. Is stall version 5 finished? no. Are the webcomics updating again? no. Is the next Leeds Steampunk Market poster done? no. Have I even got the second steampunk literary review and the new mugs onto the webshop yet??!! dagnabbit no. Past-Geof even left the Lincoln stall for me to finish tidying. Damn it that guy deserved crutches! (Hmmmm, maybe the correct explanation for how I partially tore my calf muscle is that my current fury travelled back in time to teach past-Geof the lesson he so richly deserves? Meh, it's the best explanation I've got).

So yeah, while I fly in the face of causation & before I successfully manage to do those twelve things all at once that I need to do, you can find me, the new patches, the new tins, the new mugs, the new posters, AND THE TOTALLY AWESOME SECOND STEAMPUNK LITERARY REVIEW (the least review-y review since reviewing shit began!) at the delightful Alternative & Burlesque Fair in Manchester this saturday! Join me! It'll be ace! It's got all that stuff you really like in! And me! (whu? hold on there …)

saturday 22nd september, 11am til 5pm
Manchester Alternative &burlesque fair

saturday 6th & sunday 7th october
Leeds Steampunk Market
Leftbank, Leeds
(damn it! the only links are facebook ones! make that 13 things I need to do)


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