Clearly you have some questions about what this website is and why. As much as I hate to deprive you of the joy of discovery it seems only fair to answer some of the big questions:

The comic

The fetishman comic is a humorous 28 page a5 black and white comic book. It is loosely about a superhero in a restrictive latex one-piece who isn’t that good at fighting crime because he’s in a restrictive latex one-piece.

While the first strip was conceived and doodled back in 2000, the first issue was published in 2004. It is currently a biannual publication (except for October 2007 when Geof made a big attempt to move existing supplies of the comics from out of his bedroom and into the hands of the general populace).

No gimps were harmed in the making of it unless they did so of their own free will.

The webcomic

Shortly after starting work on the first issue of fetishman it became obvious that the fetishman website would be most awesome. For the first couple of years it simply re-posted the strips and panels from the comics with a few extras thrown in, but what with exhibitions and a steady production of extra material it now has a wealth of other material. Currently it updates every Friday.

The warning

WARNING! Some of the content might not be suitable for the young and the easily offended. If you’re not at least 16 years old you probably shouldn’t be here (go on, get thee to the portal). If you are easily offended you should probably avoid the internet all together. and the telly. and magazines. sorry. I’ll stop soon. And the countryside. And what the hell are you doing here anyway? I thought I warned you bastards off at the portal? Why i ought a …

The creator

Fetishman is written and drawn by Geof. As a youth he was encouraged to draw so as to keep him out of trouble, but that has quite clearly failed. When not doodling humorous smut he passes his time as a research scientist and part-time cycle-courier in Leeds.

His other interests include tea, consenting adult fun, budo, ramen, anachronistic fashion, shouting at bad television, the possibility of biscuits, making stuff, falsifying statistics, dressing as a barbarian on his birthday and shouting “Crom!” a lot, scaring people at comics conventions (no really, you should see their little faces when they read the sign … which amuses me no end because somehow it’s perfectly alright for trademarked superheroines to be tied down and beaten up, against their will, and for their already scanty rubber outfits to slough off them like some kind of high-speed latex-autumn, but if a crudely drawn clothes peg is subjected to this and asks for more then somehow that’s the thing that’s of an obscene nature … ), but mainly tea.

The publisher

Fetishman is currently published by Geof. And haphazardly distributed by him as well. After October 2007’s increased effort he is no longer drowning in a sea of comic and *gasp* is even having to consider the day when he may run out of some of the old comics. Fortunately for all concerned plans are afoot.

The first 100 comics were printed by Shane Chebsey’s Smallzone and were simple black and white photocopies.  Since issue 3 fetishman has been printed by a small firm in York, Focus4Print, who are surprisingly tolerant of Geof’s lack of printing knowledge and  varying ability to finish a comic on deadline while holding down a job.  More recently the mantle for re-printing the first two issues of Fetishman has been taken up by Mal and Fallen Angel Media, who do a lovely job and are, in short, a boon to the UK small press community.

The website

Was for many years diligently maintained by highly trained ninja weasels using arcane lore such as JavaScript, Mysql and Paypal merchant tools. More recently (in fact as i write this) it has moved on to better things, or more specifically WordPress with the Comicpress theme. If this comic malarkey never makes money i may just offer Tyler Martin my first born as acknowledgement for how useful Comicpress is. This site was originally part of the suspectpackage.org family but moved to a new server a couple of years ago at versatilia.

After a lengthy hiatus induced by Dr. Geof’s sudden success, the site was remade by Mx. Harry of Dragonhide Studios using Comic Easel plugin for WordPress.

The acknowledgements

Bug and Alex for doing a lot legwork like making cards and sending mailshots and occasionally feeding me when i forget how to ; Sarah for tirelessly re-working my press releases and other official stuff; D and Mavis and Heather and CCK for helping the fetishman empire thrive; Focus print and Action Print and Fallen Angel Media for accepting the silliest of deadlines; Tim and Jim and Speedy for their leet driving skills; Clare and Gareth and Kay and Rob doctor C and Nik and Mark and Emily and Vicky and Nigel’s mate and pretty much all of the aforementioned and many others i have failed to mention for lifting and carrying and tea and sympathy and ideas and distracting me and booze and more tea and dressing up like a barbarian once a year and mini-rolls and even more tea.

What’s with the tea?

Geof likes tea. It’s not the worst thing to consume to excess and he has a taste for it. Not only that but he has lately come to the conclusion that his pursuit of tea satisfies both his hedonsitic and perverse tendencies: a nice hot cup of tea brings joy, and when one tries to include it in all aspects of ones life it is often disquietening. More recently it’s become more of a coercive force in geof’s comics. Now, go and get a nice mug of tea. It’s good for you I hear.

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