So, says thee, what you up to at Lincoln Geof, I mean we KNOW you’re going eevn if you’re rubbish at updating your own websites. …

The Doctor Geof stall

(Saturday & Sunday – 10am til 5pm – Castle Square Market)
– it’s another slr’less year (boo!) but in exchange we have the fruits of the embroidening, new prints, and I’m dead excited to finally get to do FAKE TATTOOS. Yeah, you heard me. We will ROCK this "looking a bit like we’re real but hold-on that human is wearing a teapot" look.

Portraiting with Clockwork Watch
(saturday night at the westaget academy)
– there are tokens, THERE ARE THE MEN THAT WILL NOT BE BLAMED FOR NOTHING, Yoms promised me booze. I’ll be hanging about and drawign people in exchange for Clockwork Watch’s currency-of-the-night.

Talk: a makers guide to small press comics
(sunday – 3pm – westgate academy)
– me and fellow self-publisher Tom Brown will hang tou and talk about making comics.

FTC Shenanigans day!
(Sunday – 11am onwards – Castle and Castle Square)
– after the faux-military parade a wnter-y expedition shold make it’s way from the castle to the Dr Geof stall (should) where there’ll be tea and probably some kind of afternoon enlisting.

After Lincoln it’s then all Filthology doing-ness. So good. I’ve felt the sexiest cover lamination already. Mmmm.

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