Bristol Comics Expo was a mighty laugh, in the end tim kindly drove me and the valiant mavis down there and the table was royally packed with the three of us perched behind it like three chirpy haemonculi. Mavis earns bonus points for simply making it down, but also for bravely showing us the spawning ground of the Mave: it’s Middle Earth i tells thee! No really! Tim earns points for bravely donning the life-size fetishman figurine/worm-outfit, and yes, it was apparently hot in the worm. Anyhoo, met some quality people, sold some quality comics, sampled beverages, chortled with welsh people, drank a lot of tea.

last weeks comic update went awry so you’ve got two cartoons this week to make up for it, have a butchers over on the fetishman website. The more studious amongst you may notice that i’ve finally fixed the numbering system on the gallery.

Upcoming stuff:

This month (June i tells thee) I’ve got an exhibition of yet more legislation-deriding comicry at coffee, cake and kink. Entitled “I can’t believe it’s not extreme pornography” it wallows yet further in the shortcomings of the new criminal justice bill. On the saturday 7th June i’ll be down there from mid-afternoon until kicking out time (or until the pub beckons too loudly), so drop round and harass me y’ swine ye.

Truth be told i think i’m getting better at this exhibiting malarkey, i’m well chuffed with the work – some from issue 7, but a load of new stuff too – and i’ve managed to source some nice archival-quality prints. Shexy. No teds this time, but then it didn’t seem to fit the intent.

Sunday 8th June heralds my return to the sunny slopes of the London Fetish Fair, and Heather and her fella will be doing a video thing about me and the comic out and about the place – wooyay!

Finally, with all due applause and teeth gnashing, the fetishman shop is finally selling issue 7 and the new “nun with gun” t-shirt i’ve been promising! wootrar!

anyway, see thee doubtless soon,



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