did i tell you guys about Desire magazine? I’m sure i did. And by sure i mean i have no idea. You know it’s the porn mag that’s not a porn mag – sexy and a bit rude and also a bit smart and lippy. So smart, some might say, that they’ve had (had!) fetishman strips (strips!) in the last 3 issues, the latest 2 of which have been special 2 page spreads (spread! I’d swear sometimes I’m just an inhuman innuendo machine), the first of which is repeated for your viewing pleasure today and next Friday.

The second is currently in issue 73 of Desire which i have heard rumours may be the last of it’s ilk – so if you want to see the comic that killed a mainstream publication it’s prolly £5 from your local (well, perhaps not your local) newsagents. Or if it’s in Smiths you can sneak a sly look while everyone else is pretending to look at the hobby magazines on the shelf below.




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