Hello breakfast!

Not you, not yet anyway, cannibalism isn't something I'm planning for the foreseeable, I just happen to be at woolley edge services (?) on the way to the MCM Birmingham at the NEC this weekend and realised I'd omitted to fuel me or the vehicle. *cue dream-y clutching of post-food tea combined with mellow distance-staring.

Anyway, so the month of events (there should be a better name for this: sadly "Odyssey" is already taken by at least four things I can think of, and yes that clearly does include Tank Girl) continues apace. A fond hello and/or apology to those of you who were waylaid by me or Mav or Clare at the London Super Comic Con, the Sci-fi Weekender or the Leeds Steampunk Market.

So, what's next?

If you're around Birmingham this weekend and need to fill your vision with pretty drawn things then you'll find me and a pile of other small-press comics guys at the MCM Expo at the NEC in an area called "the comic village".

The weekend after that it's the Steampunk Seaside Weekend at Camber Sands which should be a hoot!

After that I think it's Eastercon but right here and now I'm going to stare into the distance and clutch my cup of tea.

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