the blank is the word “press” you degenerate filth! oh hold on … *cough* … anyway, yeah so delightfully enthusiastic reviewerising has occurred:

“… this is awesome …”

stacey of small press big mouth for the geeksyndicate gents using my own words against me. And because she asked i can confirm that a fetishman graphic novel is in the pipeline, prolly the next 6 months or so, issues 1 to 5, and a pile of extra stuff …

also, two new events:

an extra chance to catch the extreme porn and recent etchings exhibition at the skin two north after-party, which is technically the wee small hours of the 5th July, and the fetishman stall and an luminous display of fetishman cartoonery at Leeds’ own Mata Hari Club on the 11th July.

doubtless see thee about, and if you’re attending i may even see thee at the skin two north ball itself this saturday 4th July – if costuming plans work out then i’ll be the red one out of myself and gareth …



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