weeeell, that was a damned good larf!

Last saturday was the uk web and mini comix thing, after which i headed on to white mischief to ply my steampunk-y wares, ably assisted by both Mavis and Alex, and later joined by Hannah.

The presence of the new stall-case-shelf-tm confused me into bringing more stuff than I could carry (ow! damn my own stupidity yes, but nevertheless: ow!), but damn is it lovely.

A quick tea-and-a-bacon-sandwich mission set me up reet fine for Thing and the day was spent amiably nattering with Mal from Fallen angel media and, on realising we’d almost sold all the tea mugs we could have flogged at Mischief, also spent drawing tea-related originals for said same event. Which we then sold at Thing. Which was good but made me rue my somewhat comics-laden load out.



Anyhoo, Mischief was brilliant. The building was beautiful, the set dressing was perfect, the costumes were often stunning, and the other performers and artists were a pleasure. And based on my limited experience of this and Lincoln last year i have to say the average civilian at these events is just very lovely, all making for a delightful night!


Now i could go on about it at length, but we both know i have the next issue of fetishman to draw so i’ll leave it at a) the bbc were recording so there is a ver brief snapshot of my gurning face b) overal the stoof was well received and so I’ve got me horn on to do a big pile more un-historical nonsense c) I”ve spent the last couple of days listening to The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing’s new album and so should you, it cracks me up and will probably be the anthem to issue 11.



right, comic,




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