So I’m busy updating the wordpress installation and so forth and thought i’d say hello again.

Yep, long time no see – the fetishman stuff and the science job has been occupying many of my waking hours- but i has a plan now. Over the next few months I’ll be resurrecting this site and basically making it into my science doodlings and victoriana/steampunk noodlings repository. Oh and possibly even some actual science.

I had a lovely time at the uk steampunk weekend last Saturday, becoming possibly the loveliest stall I’ve ever run ever by the simple measure of me drinking tea and drawing people for most of the day. Finally met the current editor of the steampunk magazine in all her loveliness. Imparted mugs to those in need of mugs which declared their voices in favour of tea. And meanwhile, as if to prove the greatness of saturday, in deepest darkest bestival Ms D-.ran into the most awesome Moog, the creator of “cup of brown joy”.

A part upshot of all this is i’ve realised that

a) i quite like watercolours and

b) i can draw up tiny steampunkery quite rapidly when i put my mind to it

so the theory is that i could let this beast update once or preferably twice a week when it’s under way.

anyhoo, while we’re in transition may i draw your attention to some other repositories of geof-stuff
Or, if you have a spare few minutes i’d request you take part in the awesome visual science research me and the academics are undertaking:
laters comrades



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