Dear all

Here is the fortnightly geof report:

1) there’s a new comic on the website. woot!

2) modern jazz must die

3) blackpool is like some awesome super-clacton, where tat is tattier and the arcades larger and even more full of zombie-people. i loved it.

3b) louis tussaud’s is an amazing study of how you can ~almost~ build the faces of any known celebrity from the facial components of other celebrities. or i’m utterly wrong and david beckham actually does have vinnie jones’ forehead and most celebrities have alf garnett’s chin. best of all is the beefeater that looks a bit like edward VII (“christ john, that doesn’t look much like edward VII” “bollocks to it, let’s put a ginger charlie chaplin moustache on him and use him as a beefeater”)

3c) i’m crap at shooty games

3d) happy birthday paul

4) my dear sweet brummie-tyrannosaurus sarah gets the keys to her club tomorrow, after which there’s a month and a half of DIY fitout. Despite trying desperately to shrug all responsibilities it turns out that i’m i.c. website and i.c. gent’s loos. Feel free to offer your services now. As the budget for the latter is about a tenner i’m intending to do it all for 50p and spend the rest on cider, so also feel free to offer paint, sheet perspex and floor-vinyl and other random junk (there was a theme, then it had to change, now i’m just going with “wrong” as a theme) in exchange for cider and my (easily given) love.

5) work. Why can’t i code faster? why can’t this image processing code just finish itself and let me get on with some real work? or even comics? or anything except endless exceptions? gah. whore-monkeys. i beat you with the wet end.

6) kendo. i still don’t get it. i ~can~ hit people really hard with sticks but that’s not the point. i ~can~ sometimes get the form right, but then i get hit really hard with sticks. i hope it makes sense soon or i’m going to be sooooo injured on sunday.


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