somewhat late i know, but there’s a new comic up on the site now.

strange news – the cafe-gallery that’s hosting the fetishman exhibition at the moment coffee, cake and kink is in legal dispute with its landlord. It’ll mean a lot of upheaval for al and sonja if they have to move so dropping in, perving at the art and saying hello would be a more than welcome break for them. If there can be said to be a bright side, the fetishman exhibition is staying up until all this is resolved, so if you’ve not yet seen it you’re in luck.

on a non-fetishman-related note i’ll be in an upcoming comic-anthology called “fat chunk” devised and organised by the irrepressible jamie smart. you know him, he did “bear” and will soon be known for space raoul in the dandy. in fact, i owe the man an entire post of promotion some time soon …


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