the middle of february is, of course, that time of year when the whole country celebrates the anniversary of mrs geof’s-mum discharging me from her womb (in a small village just outside norwich, attended not by my dad but an english sheepdog apparently). As such i will, once again, be retaining the back room of the york brewery for the application of booze. The evening of thursday 15th of february (yes, i know, friday would have been easier on you all but a) it was booked and b) the 15th is my ~actual~ birthday). If you think you’re invited you probably are.

EDIT #1:
being a lazy lazy man the details of the plan are almost entirely without noticeable detail:
1) get to brewery about 6pm
2) stay ’til closing (11? 11:30?)

EDIT #2:
yars, the last trains back from york to leeds are:
23:07 23:13 00:33 02:15
all of which take about half an hour. cost of cheap day return is at present £9.10 which works until about 4 in the morning – not actually that cheap, but then the bus runs at pants-o’clock and takes an hour or more.

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