… i’m off to whitby.
or moreover york, chatting with the kay, crashing with the mark, meeting the tim and the jen, picking up the new comics (ooh!), and ~then~ i’m off to whitby.

*new comic! aaaargh! will it be done? will it be shiny? will it be all my hopes and dreams? hmmmm, that last one’s pushing it a bit unless it’s ~really~ absorbent*


issue #6 “nuns” will possibly be available from me, but will most definitely be available from matt and mel at the “noctule” stall, downstairs at the spa pavilion on friday 27th and saturday 28th April. “how will we tell which stall is the noctule stall?” they cried in a disconcertingly-musical unison? fear not brief mortals! steps have been taken to remedy this state of affairs: there is now a foot-high sign for placing above the “noctule” stall with the word “noctule” on it. also, there may even be a “get your fetishman comics here” sign. tres chic.

ooh yes … and if you fail to obtain a copy elsewise, or you fancy risking it (risk it not!) you could hope to win a copy of fetishman #6 (or a t-shirt, or some other rubbish) at the goth football on sunday when they have the charity raffle. yes, you heard right, goth football. possibly the best football to shout abuse at ever. fish? barrel? quite hungover and nearby booze? no grasp of football whatsoever? oh yes indeedy.


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