right, this weekend i get to sell comics at earls’ court in london. if i get lucky i may even get to sell comics to scott bakula or michael ironside or bruce boxleitner or gwen from torchwood. if i get super unlucky a bunch of collectors will frown at me and ask if i have issue number 39 of the justice league of planetary thingamybobs. all of this amuses me. Mal from fallen angel media, the charming peeps who are making ever more fetishman stuffs, should be there too, so amusement at our circumstance should be two-fold. come! see! marvel! stalk some celebrities! prize for the “best celebrity signature on a fetishman comic” (send me a photo/link, dictator geof will choose!)! woo!

and just to keep you all pecker til then, filthy cut-out and keep sacrilegious genius, unsurprisingly courtesy of that warren ellis:

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