fetish plans are afoot (somewhere in october looking likely for fetishman #3 “the filth” and my recent holidayings have mightily bulked out the folder of work marked “strips what i have done”. not that i’ve done some of them. they’re arrayed between pristine works of comedy genius and sort of half done awaiting ink things. anyway … ). However, prior to the monthly comic, i feel compelled to share these two – wholly non-fetish but equally mighty – links with you:

Progress Quest
probably the finest “game to play at work” ever coded

probably the best stance to take if forced into any creationist debate

i seem to always have something else to do other than set the shop up. Excuses often seem to be work-related but nonetheless even i am getting tired of hearing myself. As such i am sure you will be relieved that, henceforth, i will be refusing to issue any further vague promises about when i’m getting it done. it will just happen and then we can all get over this sorry debacle and you can get on with your lives. Much of which will hopefully involve “you lot” TM exchanging money with me for stuff.


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