following the jolly fun that was the fetishman launch (’twas mighty fun, and maco has kindly hosted the pics from monday. thanks must go to kay and adrian for their mighty endeavouring) a clam descends upon the world. no really, it feels like i’m trapped under several hundredweight of crustacean. but this is not what you need to know.

1) booty! – t-shirts exist, and soon the world shall know the name of fetishman, the wonder-dog. no.

2) there be a changes coming – can you see the picture on the right? it appears most people i speak to can’t, and what with the remote chance of blagging you lot into purchasing t-shirtery it seems about the right time to rejig some of this webshite. not an epic undertaking, but a little more handy for the mollusc-about-town.

and i seem to be saying hmmmm a lot.

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