yeah, sorry, it’s probably about time i explained my utter lack of comicry over the past month:

basically my current research contract ends within the week so
(a) i had old work to do
(b) i had new work to seek
fortunately (a) is just a matter of putting the hours in but (b) was finally sorted on tuesday and i’m definitely employed for the next 6 months with a good chance further funding after that. to all those people who had to put up with my, hopefully muted, whingeing: cheers, it’s friday so you know the pub i’ll be adorning.

the usual erratic service should resume shortly.

also, jamie’s comic anthology FAT CHUNK is finally out and about and my slender contribution to that mighty tome looks “the nards” to coin a phrase. BUY IT! HE HAS MANY BABY KITTENS AND HE’LL KILL THEM UNLESS YOU DO SO! or you could always just offer the comic shop staff acts of sexual depravity in exchange for a copy. but for fuck’s sake remember to get pictures this time.

finally i’d like to take this opportunity to say “badgers”.


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