woot! it’s like a world of bouncy fun! woot! woot!

if you’re in london around the 22nd of november (a monday of all things) there’s quite likely to be some kind of launch-party-like ‘do’ at coffee, cake and kink where you can exact fitting revenge upon me for creating this monstrosity. hurrah!

the badges! they’re not a dream! they’re a reality! a tiny monochrome reality, but whatever. i’m sure that i’ll find a way to get them to you somehow my dears. The man-that-is-the-god-that-is-al would probably break my spine if i didn’t let him sell the little bastards at the york branch of travelling man

if all runs to plan then there’s the teeniest weeniest chance that you might be able to obtain the comic at the imminent whitby goth weekend also! three for fucking three! woot!

yes yes yes.
i’m a bad man.
now shut up and suck on the new comic strip.

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