Ah ’twas a good weekend, got to hang out with Jim and caught up with Mavis and met many many people who have enjoyed the comic (which is a welcome boost as the fight to finish the next issue commences) and had the opportunity to gawp at the works of many other inspiring creators.

I rely on Mav as a good indicator and while last year it was Edginton and D’Israeli’s beautiful war of the worlds graphic novels, this year it was the steampunk badgering of Bryan Talbots’ Grandville. However this simplifies it far too much as there was loads of beautiful stuff going on: bomber-man ear-rings from mooglybear; some sordid networking with the wrexham universitygraphic novellists; undeserved praise from Den; osmosing original art to Den’s compadre Jared; fawning over the beautiful rainbow orchid books; loving the Mal; and last but not least the awesome wall of fetishman banknote forgeries! (yep, will email the winners in the next couple of days, just need to punch the bulk of the next comic to the floor first).











ps/ oh and i just found this, possibly the mightiest of con reviews ever:


… and in answer to your question, no, the judge dredd guys with their rubber and their handcuffs and their truncheons barely even noticed us. Although we did get a stormtrooper to throw the metal salute so frankly we won. at everything.

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