Life is so very good, and with a buoyancy of spirit i present to you the third of our guest strips!
This week’s image is by CHAMONKEE, a fellow whose warm, unique style bears more than a passing similarity to an ancient-carving / cartoon hybrid. And in this case nun filth. Currently delighting the world with Chapter 3 of The Sea, his noodlings can also be found in the recent Goal anthology. Look upon his works, ye mighty, and be well pleased!

last week:
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other stuff you need to know:

“its rather good”
manny, Whatever Comics, Canterbury
i don’t think i’ve heard it put so well. They now have fetishman comics oh people of canterbury! see! nowhere is safe!

and the Birmingham comics show 2008!
saturday 4th & sunday 5th october 2008
tickets start at £10 adults, £5 children
Thinktank, Millenium Point
Curzon street
Birmingham B4 7XG


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