your weekly fetishman injection, inspired by the rantings of the tim, be up on the website

and now a request …


in short: i’m swamped and i need help, and you want to provide it don’t you?

my unique skills lie in the twin arenas of a) creating comics of surpassing rudeness b) telling people what to do. i ~can~ do the retailling and the selling and the promotion and the web stuff (could you tell?) but frankly i am (i know, i can barely believe it myself) just one man and my comics time could be utilised better making of the comics. Thus this is an open request to any persons who have both time to spare and a desire to see me produce more comics. notably:

website stuff – you poor poor bastards
promotion stuff – make more people review the comic
retailling stuff – make more people stock the comic

as ever the wages of the fetishman empire ARE WHOLLY FICTIONAL but i’m sure there’s cake and comics in it for you.

give me names of shops you think’ll stock the comic – i and my team of elite ninjas will then harrass the shit out of them until they yield to my demands and/or stock the comic.


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