Those of you who know me, or those of you who don’t but are blessed with the twin powers of deduction and inference, know well enough that by day i practise the dark arts – some kind of science research thing. Now, as fortune has it i need data and I’m optimistic you guys may have a few minutes of free time, so if you’d like to do me a massive favour then I’d be delighted if you could spend a few of yon minutes telling me and the gentlemen what glasses look better on people faces …

… no really. Trust me, it’s awesome. And if you’ve been coerced into doing any of the others i can assure you this one is far simpler. In fact if you can persuade other people to do it too it would be mighty.

If you can spare the time then click on the link below to start.

What can i offer you in return? I have no idea. Hell I’ve even started going to bed early just to get more stuff done in the day so i can’t even offer you that. Ooh, i know! Next week I’ll tell you all the cunningest schemes of the fetishman empire. But for now, science!



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