it’s like living in the future!

yes, about this time last year i deployed issue one of the comic as a primer/ lure/ introduction to the fetishman-ening in ebook form. i supposed little would come of it, it’s free because it’s only one issue … but somehow it seems to have been, thus far, accessed 55000 times. I’m wondering  if perhaps i should put some others on there that require a small donation? somethign small because it’s all a bonus, but still somethign just to see if the current ebook is just accessed because it’s free and not for any better reason.

Anyway, if you have yet to peruse the first issue and were wondering just exactly what the difference between the webcomic and the print comic was, perhaps then you should attend this weblink and, with a little registration due to an understandably over-enthusiastic ratings policy, view some hot comic-y action:

anyway, back to business, issue 10 is literally on the drawing board, and if all goes to plan the flyers should be ready for birmingham comic con next weekend (“flyers” i should say … i may possibly have created a fetishman banknote)

pip pip!



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