Ah joy! had an afternoon mooching about in london yesterday and found that the british library has an "old maps" exhibition! Teeheehee! Tiny galleons-fighting-cherub-faces joy! Anyhoo, what? Oh yes, with the science easing up a little I'm finding time to catch up with commissions (you know who you are!) and grasp the thistle that is my web presence (it's now been a couple of years on comicpress and the back end is suffering somewhat – as such I'm probably going to have re-immerse myself in jargon and give it a good clean to see if whatever's awry is due to my host or word/comicpress or both or whatever).

This saturday evening I'm once again joining the Festival of sins  for a night of debauch … well in my case more drawing and chatting and observing debauch, but nonetheless, debauch! Not to be confused with Debach. Oh no.

Today however I'm designing new embroidered badges for the Lincoln steampunk weekend – 'tis nearly exactly a month away and in a spirit of "not flailing as much" I'm trying to be plan ahead more. Plans are a little fluid still at this stage (literally: i keep trying to stop myself from buying a larger electric urn from ebay to fuel my tea-y love) but I have a hunch that the stall and the bazaar are going to be really rather lovely this year. I've said too much, things must be made before I can make such assertions.

Following on from Lincoln is the Leeds Alternative Press Fair: Steve (banal pig comics) and Hugh (reet comics) have organised a bundle of local small press guys for an afternoon event in the heart of Leeds. It's looking really good, I loosely know a few of the guys from other events and I've blogged about a couple of them before. They've also kindly offered me space to comics-it-up, so if you're free on 18th september come and hang out!

Last but not least is a tiny gem of steampunk rudeness – the steampunk vibrator-pistol. I'm almost dismayed at not having made one first … on the flip side I now can get on with drawing more nuns and still own one so it's sort of a win-win scenario!

http://steampunk.synthasite.com/ – lincoln steampunk weekend

http://s334583533.initial-website.com/ – steampunk vibrator


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