So, last weekend was a trip to London once more, this time epic-ly combining a fetishman stall at the lovely Festival of Sins on the Saturday night and then, after a small quantity of sleep, some hot retail action at the London Fetish Fair on the Sunday.

On the “up” side both the Festival of Sins and the LFF were ace events, and the embroidered badges turned up in time! right on the Saturday morning! pure jam.

On the “down” side too little sleep left geof groggy like a drunken child (alex’s use of her iPhone was the only way we made it to the LFF! and she found hot breakfast action!), and the slowly-being-redesigned stall now needs some serious overhaul after the collapsible trolley collapsed.

On quite a touching note a couple of people i spoke to told me about how they’d received greetings cards i’d made. Was very lovely.

anyway, back to bunker (am currently tidying, a necessary part of not going mad and one which i’ve unfortunately neglected recently … AAAAAH!)




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