jaysus, mad life at the second. getting stuff done. no 9 to 5 means there’s a constant feeling like i’m slacking (and to be honest i think that’s a good thing – stuff needs doing and letting a chance like this slip by would be a world of stupid). so yeah, making money be a good thing. at which point i had a thought …

i don’t feel like an artist – i feel like a cheeky bastard who has a fair understanding of humour and an effective but thankfully-unique drawing style. ~however~ what if i think of myself as an artist? the upshot of this is that i go about finding how to put prints in galleries (cafe galleries seem less intense, but i suppose galleries are part of it too …) and using existing stuff to make money in whole new ways (yeah i’ll draw new stuff eventually, it’s more the principal of the thing so i’m reluctant to engage in a flurry of watercolours when my strengths are penmanship and humour, if you see what i mean).

i’ve asked a couple of peeps who seemed to think it worked. ~how~ i go about it is a whole other kettle of.

[note: this is not a whiny self-pitying cry for votes of support like “but you’re good” – in many ways that’s irrelevant, anyone posting as such is inviting withering scorn. scorn i say. dear god, in a few days i’ll be able to call myself “a resident artist” for the fetish cafe/gallery in london so i’m taking it on faith that i’m not shat.]

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