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Yeah, sorry I've been away, there's never enough time is there?  Anyway yeah, so we've been busy as biscuits here at the secret fortress of fetish & tea: comics have been composed and created; events have been attended; embroidered badges with kittens and badgers on have been sold and re-ordered and sold again (because fundamentally I didn't remember that people other than me might like kittens and badgers). Anyhoo, the year is coming to an end so there's a few things I should probably shout out to thee:

Our last event of 2012 is another wonderful outing to Legacy Comics in Halifax. In keeping with tradition it's another outing for our non-existent tea-related fake-military organisation "The First Tea Company", and this time as well as the museum and private urn (and therefore private urns delicious supply of tea) the weekend will see the creation by Geof of the first FTC Un-historial portrait: a large drawing of the FTC that will hopefully incorporate as many people as drop by over the 2 days. Bring cake! and maybe milk if we run out. And probably gloves as that place is cold!
15th – 16th december 2012
Legacy Comics, The Piece Hall, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK

The trusty head-of-operations-minions Cathy informs me that last post for Xmas in the UK is the 20th december, so if you're in the UK and in need of things for the day itself then I'd urge you to try and order stuff before then. That said we do now have the kitten badges back in stock! woohoo!

And finally the magnificent steampunk chronicle should be running some yule-ous e-cards in the near future


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