busy is good. distracting but good. hence all my livejournal posts devolve into bullet points:

– britain’s empire may have crumbled and yet i (EDIT: not yeti) still persist in updating the website gallery
every friday.

– the infamous “fetish warning stickers” are now available online

– valentine’s day approaches and plans are afoot: along with the cards i will also be exhibiting some appropriately inappropriate works at the toilet-gallery of Coffee, Cake & Kink and drawing some tiny extra teddy bear stoooff.

– science is finally getting completed, thus making my future a little less murky and my present a little less filled with doing non-remunerative science

– friday the 15th coincides with the start of my 34th year upon these fair isles, if the seas boil and a rain of fish is forthcoming i would just like to say that you have been suitably warned.

– more stuff, too hideous to explain, is in the pipeline

yes, yes, i do love you, now put the light out and get some sleep


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