merry seasonal so-forths one and all!

i am, it turns out, terribly terribly chipper at the moment. yay! following on from the birmingham comics convention …

( 2 days in “the custard factory”, ably assisted by the young-but-so-hairy Will. we made enough wongah back to cover the stall cost, which was a delightful bonus. This could well be attributed to the prestigious quantities of biscuits we distributed and Will’s talent for making people buy stuff. much to our surprise we also met many entirely sane and socially capable comics people! and we also found Will a wife (she manages a comic shop). having successfully managed to meet up with tim & jen at scruffy murphy’s i do believe the overal result should be recorded as: fetishman empire(1) rebel alliance (0).)

… and thursday’s excursion to london to “make an appearance” at my art exhibition at coffee cake & kink…

( with too short a notice for me to truly rally the armies of darkness it was a quiet affair, made quieter by my failing to notice that the cafe shuts at 8 and i’d been thinking that 6 or 7 was a good time to arrive. poop. after some leet driving skills from the doesn’t-he-look-a-bit-russian Will i rolled up about half 6 and Will, alone in a car in an unfamiliar-city-that-his-father-had-warned-him-about, surprisingly managed to find parking space and ~not~ get gang-raped to death. i met a couple of charming strangers, one of whom hadn’t been threatened into attending by friends of mine, but generally it was just me and Will and Bob-nah and Kristin and my brother-in-law David, and briefly Carl. Thus food was had, and then booze. and then, according to the ancient rite of “boule-o’clock”, midnight boule was played on shepherd’s bush green. The car journey back from london was a special kind of hell, but on re-examination it has been roundly agreed that it must have all been a bad dream: creative history (1) traffic jams (0))

… i seem to be a strange hybrid of stressed and happy. utterly utterly bizarre.

an xmas-esque cartoon awaits the unwary here!

also, i’ve just signed up for the uk wbe & mini comix thing in london this coming march (17th).

have much mulled wine and joy,

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