it’s probably the only meme i’ll ever need to fill in so …

1) When was the last time you ate a pasty?
i went through a phase last easter, but the last one i’d guess was probably the “fancy greg’s” (i can’t remember its real name, it’s down by the station) amonth ago

2) Did the Moomins freak you out as a kid?
no. they did seem a bit tedious but then i was used to the hair-raising antics of the flumps and the wombles. hair-raising.

3) Got any A-Levels?

4) What’s your favourite pub?
the wrens, it won my heart when we were building the club and i love it still

5) What’s your favourite pub grub?
all day breakfast

6) How about curry, do you like it and what’s your fave?
fuck originality: lamb rogan josh.

7) Which national saint’s days do you celebrate? (e.g.: St Patrick, St George, St Andrew, St David)
If i remember i can be dragged out on st george’s day just because it seems perverse. i may end up drinking on st patricks, but don’t confuse that with soem kind of celebration of christian mythos.

8) It’s Christmas day; Morecambe and Wise or the Queen’s speech?
eric and ernie but probably neither – there’s always someone who passionately wants to see the queen’s speech and will shush anyone who dissents.

9) You are having a dinner guest over: you find out it’s a SUN journalist; what do you do?
cry, then optimistically hope they’re some kind of exception, then contemplate the mechanics of actually throwing someone out of my house, then remember i should have put the food on 2 hours previously, then get angry with them that their “being a sun journalist” has wasted time 2 hours of my life in needless contemplation and tell them to fuck off, then feel bad, then remember they’re a sun journalist, then go for a cup of tea round clare and gareth’s until i’ve forgotten all about it

10) What did you get up to last Guy Fawkes night?
wathc shit burn, went round clare and gareth’s for a cup of tea, went and did work or something

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