the weekly update is up on the website and the issue 8 promo/distribution machine is whirring away – just delivered a batch to the leeds travelling man which should be spreading across the TM empire in the next week. if you’re about leeds this weekend the film festival culminates in a comic festival at the royal armouries which should be a whole pile of awesome.

thought bubble – leeds comic festival
Saturday 15th November 2008, from 10am – 5pm
£6, £4.50 conc.
Saviles Hall (opposite the Royal Armouries)
Armouries Square, Leeds, UK

LFF – the london fetish fair
sunday 14th December 2008, from 12 noon – 6pm
£5 entry on the door
1 Carpenters Mews, North Road (off Caledonian Road)
Islington, London N7 9EF
(nearest tube Caledonian Road)

Kinkdom – Halifax fetish fair
sunday 7th December 2008, from 1pm – 6pm
£4 entry on the door
Livingstone’s Nightclub,
Queensgate, Huddersfield HD1 2SP

laters urchins,

hell, i’m tired but i’ve been holding out on you guys, what i also meant to say was:

yeah, so, whitby goth weekend went well, sold many comics and drew more people in to the stupid-gimp-hero-comic habit … ooh, and finally met the boo! … people seem to like issue 8 and dare i say it it’s a) a bit zeitgeist (almost steampunk! oo!) and b) a bit christmas-y? (it’s all the top hats, just makes me think of dickens … which in turns just makes me think of).

there may have also been a whitby maff ball accident – he didn’t realise that i wouldn’t move out the way, i didn’t realise that he thought it was alright to punch a maff ball into me nuts – but on the plus side i did get to see an ultrasound of my balls and the doc say the family jewels will be fine even if they happen to hurt for a fortnight or so. fuckwittery i say.

stage two of the mighty issue 8 plan is to spread the news far and wide and get it into comic shops and that – the former of which you (yes you!) can help with be re-posting the following code/image into the big-wide inter-web: issue 8

<a href=""><img src="" alt=" issue 8" /></a>

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