Hi! And sorry!

Damn but it's been a busy few months, I neglect you guys terribly I do, still need to get the fetishman website updating again (do you know of issue 15? of course not! It is a secret that few are privy to … unless they bought it or something … and it's so full of lovely naked Vikings! And the first part to the issue I'm about to do for the upcoming Whitby Goth Weekend!!) but there was the second steampunk literary review! And all that was the Lincoln Steampunk Weekend! And, yeah, I need to witter at you guys properly soon, hell there's a medal and shit! Weird. I blame you lot.

So, with blame duly apportioned I think it's only that you should come and join me at the Leeds Steampunk Market this weekend! (Oooh, harsh Geof, surely they've suffered enough already?) It's our first anniversary and the 3rd Leeds market ever, should be a hoot: there's the new Steampunk Literary Review and the new badges and stuff, the First Tea Company Museum, a mighty host of some of the finest steampunk artisans the UK can offer, and well, loads and load of tea! Compelling No? So yeah, if you're about I'll see thee there


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