this month is brought to you by the letter ‘m’

meet! the mighty geof at the birmingham bizarre bazaar!

sunday 20th July, from 11 noon – 5pm

£5 entry on the door

The Nightingale Club

Essex House, Kent Street

Birmingham, West Midlands B5 6RD

more of the exhibition! Coffee cake and kink are keeping the exhibition up for July! so go now!

more of the geof! this month also sees the release of the first issue of Jamie Smart’s mighty comics anthology “Fat Chunk”, featuring a contribution from yours truly

mitz! supervillain-y goodness

moog! tea-y joy “keep your sodding coffee in a proper coffee pot and spot me lobbing teapots at your poncy rotten coffee shop”

men-in-suits! now creeping onto the other collation of geof-stuff

and then the regular stoof:

– this week’s thing on the website

– next London Fetish Fair sunday 10th august

– the awesome video



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