The next step in the UK government’s plan to criminalise-everyone-just-in-case was slipped into legislation this week.

The seemingly innocuous ”coroners and justice” bill which contained the worthy-sounding cartoon child porn legislation. It does sound like a good idea doesn’t it? Except the version they created and put into law isn’t: not only does this, through simple unremitting vagueness, lead open the possibility of criminalising things from carry-on films to seaside postcards, but more importantly it sets the precedent that the crime is no longer acting in a criminal manner but thinking in a criminal manner.

I have no doubts that my fetishman comics are perfectly fine (it’s almost as if  ”it’s not porn, it’s a comic”), but for shits and giggles please feel free to show genteel disapproval by circulating this weeks fetishman comic:




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