almost there, i think tonight’s going to be the all-nighter and then it’s done. it’s at times like this that i depart from the one true tea-y way and partake of the coffee … until about 2am when I’m too jittery to drink anything so crudely stimulating and then it’s straight back on the tea.

at the london film and comic con earlier this year a pleasant couple of gentlemen approached me and asked if i’d like to yield unto them my top ten music tracks. Slightly baffled i said yes of course, i wondered if they’d misread the fetishman sign, maybe they’d got confused and thought i was some kind of scott bakula, but then they did actually email me and so it only seemed fair to actually generate a top ten.

Much flailing later i realised my music tastes are far too generous, hell i can find something nice to say about spice girls tracks (okay, that one’s “they’re no longer played on the radio thank satan” but nonetheless). As such i have no absolute top ten. I could have given them the fetishman top ten (tom lehrer, velvet underground, NIN) instead i gave them my if-i-had-to-put-up-with-a-really-crappy-mp3-player-that-only-had-space-for-ten-tracks-what-would-be-on-it top ten.




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