middle of the month? ah, new comic on the website then.

is it only me that actually enjoys the new doctor who? am i really the only one who finds the “made by the bbc” shonkiness endearing? wasn’t last series’ dalek armada proof enough for you bastards? yes all the adventures may mysteriously be situated in the united kingdom, but it’s not like hollywood hasn’t been placing a US spin on all their narratives (including the breaking of the enigma code … grrr) for practically the last century? surely piper’s suffered enough in her short life, having had to receive-pork-products from that ginger? what’s wrong with tennant not being the spit of all the previous doctors?

it’s just like all the nay-saying about “star wars III: blah sith blah”. come on, any film where an irritating guy gets his legs cut off with a laser-sword, rolls down a hill and catches fire (sarah’s right though, if he was then attacked by bees that would have been good … bees carrying little buckets of lemon juice …) gets my vote.


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