This isn't me awake in the wee small hours before driving to Bristol for the Bristol Comic con. I'm getting a good night's sleep right now. Absolutely. Zzzzzzzzzz etc.

Ooh, but while we're here:

a) Bristol, seriously, it may well be one of the finest displays of my First Tea Company Travelling museum to date, there's like a separate room and everything, all I'm doing now is fretting that there's so much more I want to build! Fingers crossed we may even have Herr Doktor's Eterni-Tea working. See you there if you're coming!

and a little more about the museum and the latest fetishman, #15

b) Last weekend's London jaunt was ace! Seriously, mighty thanks to those who helped, was ace to get over to see the Resistance Gallery at last, and a mighty recommendation for you guys to seek out the "Clockwork Watch" events and Mr Elphick's next "Goblin King's Masquerade Ball", they are a magical wonderland!


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