Yaha! Fetish!
Fresh from the mill!
hot off the press!
The fetishman website!
Stupid bloody punctuation.
Well it’s a start,
derisive swine that y’are.
No seriously, you’re welcome to it,
It’s taken blood, sweat and tears
and what have i got to show for it eh?
Text? Pictures? Fatigue? Tuberculosis (a lie)?
Hmmmm, i wonder if you can market eau de
blood, sweat and tears?

And while the website is all shiny and new, not all the bits are worth it. For example, section x, waste of your time. and don’t piss in the lifts.

The comic! AAAH IT BURNS! courtesy of Mr Chebsey and Smallzone.co.uk there is a whole comic of fetishman! (actually the motivation behind this site and everything). More information in the shop

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