Crikey blimey. A heady cocktail of “lack of sleep” infused with “comics writing psychosis” and topped off with “academic research madness” is a fascinating and productive aperitif to a week. Having not updated the website for a month (which now seems to be working a treat – although the new server doesn’t accept the “” which can now only take “” which isn’t a huge problem) you’ve got a new one today and i’ll throw on another one early next month (november).

More importantly, the third comic “fetishman #3 – the filth” is now at the printers. Barring paranoid fear it’s going to be sweeeeeeeeeet. sweet like melted biscuit chocolate on your fingers that you lick off whilst wondering whether you washed your hands recently. Fingers crossed i’ll get some to whitby, but they’ll be drifting off to comic shops next week sometime and then, eventually, the webshop. Hell, they might even make it to the brighton comic expo this november.

Oh, and the flyers will be around soon. hehehe.

And now, i have 3 days to write an abstract, for a paper i’ve barely planned, for a conference ”ve never been to before. Cutting it fine? me? never.

x geof

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