i think it’s almost figured, there’s more planning needed but i think this place will become some kind of hub to all things doctor-geof-like.

In the short term all you need know is that the skin two ball was an hoot, and this saturday is another hectic pile of awesome win! And this time in our nations fine capital! (hmmm, sarcasm doesn’t transmit well on the web does it? don’t get me wrong, i do love it, but i think we can safely say that my affection could best be described as  ”in a grubby way”)

In the daytime, call it 10 til 5 because that’s what it is, i’ll be at the uk web and mini comix thing pimping teh comics, drawing teh peoples and apparently appearing on a panel. maybe about scifi. woo?


Then, as surely as 8pm follows 5pm, I’ll be setting up at white mischief’s “grand exhibition”, where I’ll be drawerising and roistering in a similar but officially steampunk way!


If you need any more encouragement I’d say that a) i’ve made posters again b) the stall is in the first stages of its marvellous revamp c) issue 11 of fetishman is currently brewing and d) i’ll be fully minion-ed with the mighty Mavis and a bevvy (two! count them! two!) of lovely ladies! Any more questions may be answered by this cunning page of the fetishman site until i get a certain plugin uploaded to this site as well:


laters my lovelies!



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