A sneaky peek of the next issue! Toiling away is what i am, toiling.

So, as birmingham & whitby fast approach, and the next issue of the comic dribbles fitfully from my pen, i feel the time has come to instigate "plan: Magenta Cruet" …

by popular demand …

and as i’ve sort of promised the british library that i’d keep publishing fetishman twice a year until the end of time …

Need more fetishman humour in your life? Want to get each and every issue hot off the press every october and april?! Amused by the idea of an annual subscription that costs a fiver?!! Crave certainty in an uncertain world?!!! Easily intimidated into doing stuff by a liberal smattering of exclamation marks?!!!! Take two bottles into the shower???!! Your fretting is at an end!

oh yeah … it’s SUBSCRIPTION time … YAY!!!

For all of £5 for the UK and EU (£7 for the rest of the world) you will get all of the following:
the next two issues of fetishman, hot off the press, notably
– november 2008 issue 8, "victorians"!
– april 2009 issue 9!
the option of a monthly email, with news and random whitterings!
fabulous fetishman merchandise at a special "subscriber only" discount price!
a fabulous "subscriber only" 25mm pin-badge!
possibly some other stuff!
geof’s easily bartered affection!


other stuff you need to know:

the Birmingham comics show 2008!
saturday 4th & sunday 5th october 2008
tickets start at £10 adults, £5 children
Thinktank, Millenium Point
Curzon street
Birmingham B4 7XG
and now with online floorplans!

the london fetish fair
sunday 12th Octobber 2008, from 12 noon – 6pm
£5 entry on the door
1 Carpenters Mews, North Road (off Caledonian Road)
Islington, London N7 9EF
(nearest tube Caledonian Road)

whitby goth weekend II 2008
friday 31st october – sunday 2nd november, from
10am – 5pm
free in
at the leisure centre
whitby, north yorkshire

and, this being the season for it, need i remind you that the end of october yields the fetishman #8 "victorians" and my presence at the whitby goth weekend. and a whole pile of other stuff. yar!


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