it’s like almost xmas like! weeeell, it’s close and me and me housemates are having fake-xmas on sunday so it feels that way. one again there’s a new exerpt from the victorians issue on the website so go there!

week’s been busy – managed to get down to london for the London Fetish Fair again which was a hoot as always, turns out they’re going to be re-locating next year so there won’t be a january one … however they are also on the cusp of becoming the world’s longest running fetish fair!

the final fetishman stall before xmas is this sunday at the birmingham bizarre bazaar – so if you’re kicking about and want comics AND to be lightly traumatised by the enormity of the array of perv-tools available, then you should pop over
Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar
Sunday 21st december 2008

anyway, love you all

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