for NO GOOD REASON a giraffe related cartoon is up on the website (okay okay, 22nd march is the UK web and mini-comics thing in London, at which the fetishman stall has been banished to the stage area for gross indecency and in response to which we shall of course be attempting to stoop even lower this year … but more about that another day)

the exhibition is up! for the duration of february i shall be ~exhibiting~ in the lavishest toilet in the whole of london’s kinky cafe-gallery Coffee, Cake and Kink. In fact i shall even be attending on the 9th to sign some stuff and get some drawing done, so if you’re about please feel free to come and harass me about that time when i forgot it was your birthday and didn’t even get you a card or anything

club lash
friday 8th february 2008, from 9:30pm – 2am
not free in

the tunnel, 6 whitworth street

manchester, uk

(i walked it from the station with a rickety trolley and a Mavis, so you should have no trouble i assure you)

the london fetish fair

sunday 10th february, from 12 noon – 6pm

£5 entry on the door

1 Carpenters Mews, North Road (off Caledonian Road)

Islington, London N7 9EF

(nearest tube Caledonian Road)

(You know, i didn’t mean to com eback every month but i really quite like it there. Oh! an dteh after party to this one is apparently going to be a “hoot” but where that means something rude)

now go! do stuff! let the world tremble at your coming! love you guys



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