cheers for your contributions to the science! over 5000 data points rising (but more would be even more awesome! send more people there! co-opt relatives! do it again! better science through superior fire-power says i!)

… and as promised here is an extensive briefing on the fetishman plans and an indication of their achievability:

0) fetishman dolls

they exist. and they’re good. sara makes them. just sorting out packaging. more news soon.

1) fetishman #10

i considered doing the inevitable spooky-zombie-goth issue but, seeing as we’re gaining a digit so it’s sort of an anniversary issue, it’s now pretty much certainly going to be the “fetish” issue: fetishman doubts his fetish-ness and attempts to out-fetish himself. and all humanity. If i remember to i think it’s the perfect opportunity for the phrase “needs more cowbell”. On the subject of anniversaries I’m also thinking some kind of launch event may be useful, but that’s one of those looser plans we’ll need to whip into shape closer to the day. the fabulous subscriber present is going to be some kind of sticker-y awesome, but i ain’t spoiling the surprise.

2) Mal and FAM

I’ve been going to comics conventions for a couple of years now and in that time have met many varied and charming people, and if you’ve been to more than a couple you may also know Mal from Fallen Angel Media, you know,  manga drawing awesome with the cat ears? yeah, see i told you. Over the past year she’s started a small press print company (the alleged FAM), ran the small press half of the Bristol Comics convention, has taken on the role of publishing fetishman back issues and also is now leading the pack under “friends i know who may take over the world before me”. But you probably know these things or could infer them without difficulty.

What you don’t know is she’s expanding FAM to take on merchandise printing and in the not too distant future (she’s moving premises right now) is going to take over the fetishman on-line shop. As it can be print-on-demand i should be able to offer an even wider range of merchandise (oh yes, the warning sign t-shirts will finally be amongst us!) and, given some of the spare time this should yield unto me, she’ll then be publishing the long-awaited “my first fetishman” book and the first issue of the steampunk-rudery travel journal of Baron Von Wagner, known to myself and my co-author Gareth as the British Expeditionary Fetish Force or BEFF.

3) the island of doctor geof

I deliberately neglected this website this past year simply so that i could get the fetishman site re-vamped. Whilst i have a portfolio website, and i use deviant art for scraps and oddments, there’s a pile of physics and steampunk stuff that wouldn’t truly fit with the fetishman site, so in the next two months i intend to revive the island.

4) and beyond

there’s always stuff i could do, but here are the more plausible things: i need to do more shot glasses and some postcards for the whitby goth weekend (as mister speedy cannot cease to remind me); greetings cards and some good fetish art, with a leaning towards a few originals along with the prints; I’m sure i owe the steampunk magazine and nocturnal magazine some more bits; “do not do this” a tiny health and safety book for the under sevens; re-building the fetishman stall is a task that never ends, however next time i want wheels; a holy text for the religion i based around my mate ahmer (it’s so much easier to prove that he exists); my telegram-translator; a time machine; etc.



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