ah sweet Thought Bubble … okay okay so partly I love it cos it’s in my city, Leeds (and a damn good city it is too! but i’m sure i’ve already ranted about it’s goodness), but it is just simply a damn good con. The organisers are lovely, the space is mighty, the mix of vendors is broad and awesome, and the same may be said of the public who attend, like the charming bearded man from Brighton!

Armed with a fully operational Mavis and both barrels of Clare we were off to a good start.  It was a good crowd and i think we all spent a good amount of time just chatting with people, which at the end of the day is the finest manifestation of the Fetishman Empire’s zen-like not-selling-is-selling sales patter. Ingeniously our stall was wedged between Wayne Reynolds and Mal and Jo from Fallen Angel Media so it was a fun day, and i’d brought crockery and a teapot so it was always going to be a hoot.

Matt Sheret and We Are Words And Pictures were just across the aisle and it was delightful to finally meet and natter, and whilst i didn’t see much of them during the day i know that Chamonkee and Naniiebim were about, along with Ztoical and the Irish contingent who we all collided with later in the day. There were a bundle more people it was damned good to see again and a bundle more i missed – the only drawback of running a stall is not getting to bimble about so much.

One stranger-than-usual thing is we all got interviewed by a fellow for some research he’s doing – we all ramble on quite a bit but if you’re interested the rambling is embedded below:

As a fair addenda i present to you the things i vaguely mentioned:

http://topatoco.com – buy Jamie Smart’s stuff here! because i ask so nicely


http://scottmccloud.com – read “understanding comics”, you don’t have to agree but it’s a good start

http://www.garynorthfield.co.uk – i think this is the genius responsible for “Bernard Cribbins’ Rousing Tales of High Adventure”

http://www.warrenellis.com – not mentioned i grant thee, but the absolute key to making comics is not just talking about what they can be but just actually making them … and dare i say it but Ellis would have to be the angry poster-child for making people make stuff happen.

laters comrads



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