okay, just threw another of the old issue 5 panels at the website

also, as a preliminary to “Mr. Newt’s Patented Web Site Re-Designment Expo” i’ve recently tidied up the files on the main server. TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH: some of the web addresses have changed – i mean there’s redirection pages and that but don’t be surprised if you have to twiddle your thumbs whilst it redirects.


well that was a giggle.
– stuff was sold! always nice for me as it means the journey back is much lighter.
– my sister is very very very pregnant. on being asked to speak to the bump i may have repeated the phrase “i’m your uncle! you’re soooo doooooomed!”. poor mite.
– Mavis succumbed to a bad case of quest-itis and joined the trip to london at the absolute last minute (train left at half 7, Mavis decided over a cup of tea at half 5), shifting merchandise like a god (if the opportunity arises i have to get both Mavis and Will selling comics at the same convention … it would be a comic-retailling massacre … and i think i’m just about willing to risk returning to find that the whole stall has been sold, including the accounts book and my shoes and coat) and later managing, within only 2 hours, to both a) attend slimelight and b) become jaded with slimelight. To cap off his retailling genius he then left a bunch of stock at the london museum of cartoon art! mighty.
– I may have a free trip to london in the offing … some foolish person has asked if i could be interviewed by them about comics and stuff for their masters dissertation. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! never will one interview have had sooooooo many references to porridge i reckon.
– like an equinox of sorts the convention also gathered 2 of the key-est of players in the “why is there a comic called fetishman?” debacle: Jane and Jamie

I think it was 2000 that my brother got married, and on the train on the way back i got chatting to a friend of his called Jane. Jane told me about her significant other’s extreme reaction to lactose-related products and i averred that this might be a most excellent trait for a superhero. On reflection i realised that some kind of lactose-intolerant sidekick was a better idea, but then the question arose “who would he be a sidekick to?”. Oh yes.

Jamie. Jamie Smart. A man i regard as a friend and a quality gentleman but still occasionally refer to as “that bastard jamie” but only really because i’m jealous: he makes the most excellent comics. Not just that, he makes the most excellent comics that continually refer to tea and cake and talking poo and psychotic cats and teddy bears and black holes and vomit and more tea. The dialogue smacks ever so slightly of morecambe and wise. In short all the things i want to see in a comic.

In early 2003 i found Jamie’s “Bear” and it became apparent to me that whilst i’d been frittering away my life on quantum physics this man had gone out and made comics. good comics. comics the like of which god had only seen. At that point i resolved to make a comic and as such fetishman was born. or at the very least extruded. I promise you now that you will appreciate his work, and on such a note:

http://www.sixtyfootmonkey.com – general stuff
http://www.spaceraoul.com – it’s, like, in the dandy! and ace.
http://www.bohdate.com – t-shirts genetically spliced with comics
http://www.myspace.com/fatchunkcomic – upcoming anthology

also, to prove a point, could anyone who read the bit about jamie being a positive contribution to the world of cartoon art please comment with the words “mmmmmmm shai hulud”

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