right, now that i’m just about over my hangover … BARBARIAN PARTY FOR THE WIN! i assure you, there is nothing quite like standing around a flaming brazier in the dead of winter shouting “crom!” with your top off. I’m sure there is no way i can thank my friends enough for going along with it … so much ‘along with it’ that jim made his own hammer and furry loincloth … points also go to the two tea related gifts – clare and gareth’s tea-vomiting dinosaur is mighty but heather made me a FETISHMAN TEA COSY!

so much win. oh so much win.

the next 2 upcoming events are the march london fetish fair and the uk web and mini comix convention, both in london in march. Mrs LFF herself has posted an comedy interview with me on the London fetish fair website: am rather amused by captioning on the many faces of geof “sanctimonialis illorum supremus”


Anyhoo. Despite losing a part of my life to my hangover i’ve also been busy doing stuff and thing, and as such the geof portfolio and victoriana/science webcomic is now up and running


and as well as hounding art editors across the country i am also making my barbarian drawing services available to the general public


and, as ever, the latest fetishman cartoon is up on the website

the london fetish fair

sunday 9th march 2008, from 12 noon – 6pm

£5 entry on the door

1 Carpenters Mews, North Road (off Caledonian Road)

Islington, London N7 9EF

(nearest tube Caledonian Road)


uk web and mini comix thing

friday 22nd march 2008, from 10am – 5pm

£4 in

Great Hall, Queen Mary University, Mile End,

London, UK, E1 4NS





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