… and having braved the torrential rain and the bitterly cold winds you can warm your sodden cockles on the blazing hearth that is this month’s contribution to ‘humour’ which is, coincidentally, the once-in-a-life-time fetishman 3 panel strip! whilst superficially just a brief skit on scat it also serves a secondary purpose … yes, it is in fact AN ADVERT (although some blame should be attributed to malcav for this crime)! yes, now you too can extend the fetishman empire by simply reposting this strip on THE ENTIRE OF THE INTARWEB! And all you need is this piece of code inside the angley brackets:

&lt a href=”http://www.fetishman.co.uk” &gt
&lt img src=”http://www.fetishman.suspectpackage.org/fetishman3panel.gif” &gt
&lt /a &gt

also enki has left a small brown deposit in the other gallery this month.

now. be off with you. *shakey fist*

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