much to say:

1) new comic on the website.

this marks the start of a series of furry jokes prompted by a conversation with paul over a year ago, and for that alone you’ve got to love him. even if said furries kill me for it

… and whilst he has my gratitude, what i don’t have is the time to illustrate the ideas he had during that conversation. hence here’s a question for the illustratively-capable masses – is there anyone reading this who would like to be the artist for paul’s project? i’m not going to go into detail, but i can assure you it will be a lovely little piece of work. any takers?

2) here’s an interesting little thing – a history website is trying to collect a “picture of life in britain in the early twenty first century” by asking anyone who fancies it to fill in a short blog of their day and submit it. i like the idea. and that day is today.

3) is there a web developer out there who’s got some time on their hands?

i need to spend time drawing and frankly whilst i hanker to do some developing it’d probably be better if i didn’t. so, anyone up for doing the next incarnation of the fetishman site? i’d profit share but you can’t afford it, but i can promise comics. Moreover i’d like to put the comic on weekly and that needs me to do drawing.

The hosting has php and mysql but sadly it’s not got .NET so tim’s skillbase doesn’t quite match, however willing he is to help out. personally i was pitching for phpnuke or wordpress or somesuch … whatever really, so long as it could: manage content; automate the process of posting the comics; have a subscriber list and post the latest one out; syndicate via rss and lj and maybe myspace; i don’t know, a shout column, stuff that other webcomics have.

also today feels quite nice – the recent bout of madness amongst my dearly beloveds seems to be in remission (go team brad!) and the man that owes me the wongah just put the rest of what he owes me in to my account. ah. relax.


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