things to know:

– issue 5 has returned from the printers! it’s so shiny! look, this man is so bedazzled by it he can’t even face the glare!

or perhaps he’s constipated. or perhaps he’s reading the comic ~with his mind alone~? further suggestions welcome.

– this is also an apology to mark for accidentally hijacking a wedge of his birthday celebrations last night. which were lovely. happy birthday again mark! x

– yep, it’s full of furries.

– and it’s finished in time for whitby goth weekend! where once again it will be available from the ‘noctule’ stall: the clothing and quality goth paraphernalia stall downstairs on the central island … typing that i’m thinking i should be able to come up with some more noticeable features, but the only one i can think of off-hand is IT’S GOT THE SHINY SHINY FETISHAMN COMIC ON SALE! easy.

– i’ll put it for sale on the website when i get back from whitby, but at the moment it’s for sale at the york and leeds branches of travelling man and OK comics in leeds (which peeps may be interested to know is having a free comic book night this thursday i believe) and very soon from GOSH and Coffee Cake and Kink in London.

– i love york. i must spend more quality time with my dearest ones there. i also love the sheer stupidity of the rowdy kids there. walking through york last night, dressed for all the world like a scruffy reject from the merchant navy, one cycled past and shouted “… and you can fuck off too Osama!”. special.

– flyers. maybe, just maybe. pretty pretty flyers. you’ll love ’em.


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